Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Im back

I cant believe that its has been half a year since i wrote my last article. Been busy planing for the future since that time. A lot has changed since the last time i wrote. Been pretty busy and quite hard to find time to write. This post is just to say "I'm still alive" ...

Ill tell you guys about my latest happenings in my next post, when i find time to write it lah...


Friday, 30 November 2007

Violin Class

I have always wanted to play the violin ever since i was acquainted with Vanessa Mae's' music back when i was in high school. But since i hate music when i was in primary school and basically had zero knowledge of music whatsoever, i didn't think seriously about learning music again. But a few years back i have been seriously thinking of learning the violin. Sounds crazy but i have owned a violin for almost 1 1/2 year now.
Yet, Only now I'm taking my interest seriously. I have been learning violin for the past month now. Even so, i still haven't learnt how to play a single note. Im still getting myself familiar with how to hold the bow, how to move the bow on the strings and stuff...but not the notes, well at least not yet. Well, i have learnt the violin quiet fast i must say, considerd how much i practice a week (only 2 hours per week max, which is like "not even showing any interest" kindda attitude..haha). But im now stuck at the part where i have to play 2 strings, one after another, but the strings are far apart...for example, the g-string, andthen the E-string...pretty tough and i still haven't got it....

but that's the least of my worries. Remember when we were small.....what was the number one reason why we, as children, hated music.....Most of us might answer..because the teacher was very "garang".....I mean how many of us got whacked by the music teacher when we were small
just for playing the wrong note? But what could i do. I hated music back then. But strangely, however hard i tried (or rather, didn't try), i didn't fail the exams even once...I guess the whacking did shove some musical notes into my head.

Unfortunately, my current violin teacher is showing symptoms of the primary school music teacher reincarnation :P Although i haven't been badly scolded yet, but i've seen her "potential" with other students, one of them is also an adult learner like me. So now i feel under pressure to get it right on the spot and deny her any room to explode..haha... a little comment here and there i can live with..but i don't want to be scold like a 7 year old kid. I hereby take up the challenge.... I guess she has been teaching too many children.....

Lets hope i don't break before i reach the other side..


Wednesday, 28 November 2007

google Maps

In my previous entry, i mentioned that in google maps, there is no map info of Malaysia. Well i checked yesterday and i discovered that they have launched the google map for Malaysia. Obviously someone in google had read my previous blog and came up with the map :P hahaha.

Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know, if u want to know lah...